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I’m not even an hour into the Mario Party video, and it’s already one of the best videos in GB history. Jeff’s agony is so, so beautiful.

I think Jeff is enjoying himself, but has to say he hates it because it’s literally all he’s ever said about Mario Party ever. You can see Brad getting way into it, too.

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why do so many people ask you nitpicky questions about shit that doesn't matter?
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because they are people of the internets

Actually, some people are really invested in the game and just want to know the minor details. It doesn’t matter to you, but it might matter to someone.

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I’ll either get in better shape or start stalking the Undertaker’s wife. Either way is probably an improvement!

Man, if this stuff works for Jeff, that might be the final straw. I’ll have to just buy it for myself and do this exclusively.


I’ll either get in better shape or start stalking the Undertaker’s wife. Either way is probably an improvement!

Man, if this stuff works for Jeff, that might be the final straw. I’ll have to just buy it for myself and do this exclusively.

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One last thing before I grab some pizza and disappear into the mists:

About a week ago, I sent patrickklepek a message on Tumblr asking for something, anything, about this whole situation, and I have yet to get a response from him. Now, of course, he gets a lot of messages, and maybe he saw…

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I decided to try and condense my question. I am a 23 year old dude who wants to make games but don't have any experience. No programming knowledge and low motivation. I'm making a move that I think will help. Not a hard worker but I'm aware of it for sure and blame noone else for my lack of achievement. What is a good first step towards making games? I have lots of free time for a good while so I can afford to immerse myself in a learning experience. Thank you for your time!
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luckly you dont need much of anything to just start making little games as long as you just want to do it as a fun hobby.

get game maker, its super easy to use, read a few tutorials on how to use it and just start making games!

It’s like I asked this question, but I didn’t. I started a tutorial on Gamemaker at one point then didn’t really follow through. Stopped at like, video 2. :(

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I queued this in December I’ve been waiting six months

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What do you think of the release of Emma?
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I think it sucks. I think it sucks whenever anyone loses their job, even more so when it’s a job that a person has spent a large portion of their life trying to obtain. I can’t imagine what she’s going through.

That said, in general, I think that people need to calm the fuck down about it. Why? Because we don’t know anything outside of the fact that she was arrested for shoplifting and then a day later she was released by WWE.

We don’t know what had been going on between her and WWE before the incident. We don’t know what happened backstage when it came to light. We don’t know how she handled the situation. We don’t know ANYTHING.

Hell, speaking in logical terms, we don’t even know for sure that the release was even related to the crime. I mean, sure, it PROBABLY is, and if I had to bet, I’d say it was, but there’s that very important distinction between correlation and causality, and only one can be proven here (unless additional information comes out).

We also don’t know what kind of added complications might have been created by the fact that Emma is Canadian Australian. I’ve heard from both sides: Folks saying it could affect her Visa, and people saying that it definitely hasn’t, but again, both of those are nothing but speculation at this point.

I will say this though…

Not only are the people saying things like “But they didn’t release Jack Swagger! This is UNFAIR!” basing their judgements on a house of cards, but they’re also missing some very key things.

First of all, it bears repeating: We know nothing but rumors and hearsay about any backstage stuff surrounding either incident. So honestly, anything could have happened.

Second: People have very, very itchy trigger fingers when it comes to accusing WWE of sexism and “anti-fan” behavior. In regards to the first one, maybe there’s a reason their fingers are itchy, but it doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING involving a female performer is part of some conspiracy by the patriarchy.

In regards to the “anti-fan” behavior, by which I mean this myth that WWE in some way hates their fans and wants to punish them by treating the people they like poorly, folks are just out of their minds. Emma got brought up with the exact gimmick that her fans loved in NXT, and placed with the guy who is the best in the industry at that type of gimmick (Santino and comedy face). Can you take issue with how she’s booked? Sure, absolutely, and all day. Did they bury her or mistreat her? No. The sad fact of the matter is that Divas are generally an afterthought on WWE programming, and the reasoning behind that is that there’s not as much fan interest there. If WWE thought they could make some dough off of a reinvigorated Divas division, they’d be on it yesterday.

Third: I see a lot of people crying “This isn’t FAIR! It’s just because Swagger was more important!” Putting aside the fact that, again, we don’t know anything, my response to this is…”Well, yeah, duh.”

It’d be nice if we lived in a world where everyone at a job got treated exactly equally, whether they were a CEO or a janitor, but that just ain’t the case, and anyone who thinks it is, could be, or even should be the case, must have either never worked a real job, or had a real miserable time figuring out why their boss got paid more than them or has a better parking space.

Companies give preferential treatment to people who are more valuable all the time. Why? Because they’re more valuable.

I don’t know that it’s the case, because again: We don’t know anything. But if people’s assumptions that WWE was harder on Emma than Swagger because he’s more valuable are right, then they’re hard to argue with. The same way it’s hard to argue with the time that Hurricane got let go and Jericho didn’t when they were arrested together for being drunk in public.

How can you say she WASN’T buried? She never got to wrestle a real match and hasn’t been on TV in months!

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"Stop being so butthurt. They just hired the most qualified people for the jobs! If a woman or a person of color wanted the jobs, they should’ve worked harder."

A couple of points about this ignorant strawman argument (to borrow a term that my white male brethren are so fond of):

A) When you…

While I’m not as angry as some are about this point, I am a little disappointed, and expect Patrick to speak on it at some point. Dan Ryckert IS a perfect fit for the job as he fits in with the crowd well and will do great on UPF etc., but I can’t help but be a little disappointed.

Note: I said “expect” because I have enough faith in Patrick to not ignore the issue. He usually says something even when he’s just fleshing out his opinions on the fly, and usually does a good job articulating how he feels. I could have said “I hope he will write about it” but I have too much faith.

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Hi Patrick, I'm guessing this is going to be a tough month for you, the GB crew and your loved ones. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the amazing work you've done this last year and for how much you've contributed to the community. You're loved and respected by people who have never met you but who you've touched with your work. It's a legacy that Ryan left behind and people like you keep on building adding to it. Thanks again.
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Thank you. That’s incredibly kind of you to say. I’ve wanted to write something about everything that’s happened in the next two years. Maybe now is the right time. We’ll see. In any case, thanks again. It’s an honor.

This community is pretty cool sometimes.