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Oh god I just found Luke Harper’s myspace.

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There’s a definite, significant portion of people that don’t want to talk about this stuff. That just want to say “why can’t we just get back to playing video games? Why can’t we just get back to enjoying the wealth of options and creativity going on in video games right now.” My response to that is I don’t think anyone who is being harassed right now are expressly saying they don’t want to get back to that. People out there would very much love to get back to the act of playing video games, writing about video games, making video games, but it’s kind of hard to do that when the full brunt of the weight of a very hateful segment of people is coming down on them. I suggest to resist that urge, resist that urge to turn around and go “I’m going to go back to video games because that’s all I care about” because they’re a lot of people who would love to do the same thing but they can’t right now. Be sympathetic. Be empathetic. Like listen, watch what’s happening. Pay attention.
Another great quote from Alex Navarro on Bombin’ the AM (via giantbomblr)

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thank you for being a friend

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I really enjoy the point. I've always been a fan of the "video essay" format. Would you say Sessler's Soapbox/Something influenced how you make or write the point at all? (I'm guessing you're a fan of the Sess since I saw you wear his JPEG shirt once haha)
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Thanks mate! I think for the concept of “The Point”, yea it’s fair to say it was an influence. For the form at least, it also being an op-ed show. But in terms of the language and writing, that’s just always the way I’ve written. Sort of conversational, but with some flowery language to give it a sort of televisual style. I don’t like those YouTube quick-cut  I’d say Charlie Brooker’s TV stuff is more of an influence personally. Funny really that he started out being a game journo.

Myself and Andy could talk for hours about this shit. As a presenter and an editor it’s stuff I think about all the time. It’s the bit about my job I absolutely love the most. I adore playing around with it. Most presenters just present, and most editors only edit. Having access to all the creative tools makes it such a more dynamic process for us. Being able to use a shooting technique, or a clever edit, or music or whatever - to actually tell the story of the video without it just being the script is incredibly powerful.

For instance this week’s episode only had two to-camera pieces because I wanted people to get lost in the years and the visuals. They were alone in the office to illustrate my place in the conversation. Andy did close-ups to put emphasis on certain lines. That piano bed set evoked nostalgia. That song probably allowed me to cut two or three sentences I had in there to set the mood. 

The story isn’t just the script. The whole process contributes to the script, you know?

I don’t talk a lot about this stuff because it’s probably really boring, or makes me sound self-indulgent, but in all the creative fields I’ve worked in, nothing gives me such satisfaction as playing around with the conventions of presented video. Doing shit like House of CODs or that weird The Point we did about coming up with that week’s concept. (people hated it!) It’s one of my favorites. It’s so honest and unpredictable.

That’s what it’s all about for me. It’s about expression. And having people watch it, vibe off of it and express their own opinions is the most rewarding thing I could ever dream of. 

Sorry I rambled.

For certain things, there’s nothing I love more than getting details into the insights of the creators.

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I say this with as much love and respect as I possibly can:

Dan Ryckert is probably the dumbest man in the games industry.

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This is incredible

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Considering that you and Tyrone have been saying that rebirth is in it's final stages, do you have a more refined (as in other than 2014) release date for rebirth?
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oh yeah, we have known the release date for a few weeks now but want to announce it and start taking preorders.. in order to do that we need a few things to line up and the trailer to be ready to roll. 

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The fruits of my insomnia are these 1600x900 wallpapers of the Lorwyn Five, each one showcasing five images from that planeswalker’s cards and promotional images. We have Ajani, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Garruk. Follow the links to get the full sizes; Tumblr likes to resize big images. Feel free to use them!

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'Self censorship' is not problematic. It's not the bad kind of censorship it's worth overthrowing a government for. 'Self censorship' is just making a choice not to be a dick.

I could go around calling people ‘fag’ all the time. When I was fourteen, that’s exactly what I did. Then I learned that it made my gay friends feel less comfortable around me, and less safe generally. So I stopped. It was a hard habit to break, but I was hurting people and I didn’t realize it. I wouldn’t make the choice to hurt people like that, casually and pointlessly, but without the education I didn’t even know I was making that choice.

The same here. These videos and the outpouring of support around them are largely women saying ‘this stuff makes me feel unwelcome’ which is hopefully not what anybody was trying to do. But now that they know, I should hope they consider those choices with a more appropriate gravity in the future.

"Brakke" from a NeoGAF thread discussing the new Anita Sarkeesian video. (via patrickklepek)